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New Product Research

Product research lets you understand what customers really want, allowing you to tailor your product offering to meet their needs and giving you a real competitive edge. New product research helps you refine product designs and plans before committing yourself to expensive product development costs. Whilst continuing product testing and research can drive innovation, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. Product research is a vigorous part of new product development. At every step of the process, product research can help you identify key issues and avoid expensive mistakes. Initial product research can be used to evaluate new product ideas. Testing the concept alone like this can help you discard unpromising ideas, allowing you to concentrate product-development expenditure on more promising new products. Successful new products are essential to a company's growth and survival. We believe new products to be one of the most important applications of marketing research, but one of the most difficult to execute in practice. New products can be concept-driven or product-driven.